About the Harvard Strategists Group

Harvard Strategists promotes the exchange of  insights and experience with fellow future thinkers, trend hunters and corporate visionaries around the world.

Our members represent a diverse cross section of industries including Capital Markets, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Marketing, Product Management, Consumer Insights, Product Development, Innovation, Forecasting, Future Strategy, and Trend Tracking.


We welcome contributions of other Harvard alumni and friends who can publish as guests. If you would like to propose an article just drop us a line!

pax et bonum! Hildete Vodopives (hildete@post.harvard.edu)

Harvard Strategists goals

  • to interact with leaders in the fields of Academics, Business, Science and Government.
  • to promote strategies in the fields of politics, business and life in the interest of society and human development.
  • to bring positive influence to society through the concept of strategy and future trends.
  • to maintain, expand and promote an international network of Harvard strategists and future thinkers, both in the professional and academic spheres.
  • to work with the Harvard Alumni and , related clubs in the College and Professional Schools, different HAA Shared Interest Groups, and others on areas of common interest as any of those included here.
  • to mentor strategists worldwide.


How to participe

We are a Harvard alumni group who is happy to interact and collaborate with people from other universities. There is a number of ways to get involved. Check here to apply for membership of the Harvard Strategists Group or visit our LinkedIn page.


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